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Shrub Trimming

Shrub Trimming, Midland Park, NJ Shrub trimming is an important landscape maintenance task, but not many homeowners take it seriously. There is a general lack of knowledge and often people fear they may damage the plants. This causes the shrubs to be neglected thus leading to overgrowth and lacking flowers that make them desirable. At Ken Steenstra Landscaping, our professional shrub trimming services can take care of the task, giving your property a beautiful, neat, and tidy look. Our services will also ensure that your shrubs will grow healthily during the growing season.

Our services are offered throughout Midland Park, NJ and the surrounding cities and towns of Ridgewood, Mahwah, Paramus, Wyckoff, Glen Rock, Saddle River, and the surroundings.

Professional Shrub Trimming Services

Shrub trimming involves cutting off the tips of branches to give a neat and clean look to each plant. We will use the latest equipment, including power hedge trimmers to remove the tops and sides to create a manicured look. So, if you have a hedgerow, we will shear off the tops and sides to give a uniform look of a green fence.

Many shrubs and ornamentals require multiple trimming in a year. You may avail of these trimming services separately from our general shrub trimming services. Some of the common examples of such shrubbery and ornamental plants include:

  • Crape Myrtles: They need to be trimmed during the late winter or early spring right before budding.
  • Yucca Plants: They must be pruned only during the early spring and after inspection.
  • Rose Bushes: They must be trimmed during the spring.
  • Groundcover: They should be trimmed during the winter.
  • Ornamental Grasses: These grasses need to be trimmed during the winter.

Why Do You Need Professional Shrub Trimming Services?

When it comes to shrub trimming, it can be hard for untrained eyes to tell where to start and stop. Snip a little more than required, and the branch can get damaged. Not cutting enough will mean you will have to do it more frequently. So, this is a job that is best left to the experts at Ken Steenstra Landscaping. We have been in the landscape and lawn maintenance business for over 34 years now. Our trimming services will make your shrubs look and feel amazing.

As part of our commitment to creating beautiful, healthy, and longer-lasting softscapes, we provide our shrub trimming service all year round. There are a few important times for trimming. We can schedule the right time after inspecting your property or you may call us for trimming during summer and fall. After spring, shrubs are full of flowers and there is a need for control. From experience, we know which bulbs need to be kept and which to be removed to maintain your plant’s beauty.

Fall is also a great time for trimming. Plants will typically become dormant during the fall for the upcoming winter season. This leaves the branches in their exposed state. This is the right time for trimming, as there is a lesser chance of pests and diseases from spreading. We can shape the right branching patterns to give you elegant shrubs during the spring season.

Now that you realize the importance of professional shrub trimming services, you should call in the experts. We can readily be reached at 201-857-8700. You may also call us to clear any doubts. If you want to write to us, use this Online Form from our Contact Us page. We cater to the landscaping needs of our clients throughout Midland Park, NJ, and the surrounding regions.