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Landscape Services in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Landscape Services, Franklin Lakes, NJ We at Ken Steenstra Landscaping Inc. offer comprehensive landscaping services in Franklin Lakes, NJ, and surrounding areas. Recognizing the convenience clients seek in having multiple solutions under one roof. We offer an all-encompassing approach to landscaping. We understand the integral nature of drainage, excavation, and masonry in crafting remarkable outdoor spaces and have integrated these services into our offerings.

Our team excels in every aspect, whether ensuring efficient water management through drainage systems, setting the foundation with expert excavation, or adding captivating masonry features. Our commitment extends beyond individual services; we're devoted to delivering holistic solutions for various landscaping and outdoor living projects.

From start to finish, our perfect execution ensures your vision comes to life with precision. Choose us for a seamless, consolidated experience, and trust in our ability to transform your outdoor dreams into reality, all under the guidance of a single, dedicated team. These are a few of our specialized services.


Drainage is a crucial element in every landscape, and at Ken Steenstra Landscaping Inc., we specialize in providing comprehensive drainage solutions. Our expertise spans various landscape drains, ensuring efficient water management that safeguards your outdoor spaces.

We understand that proper installation is crucial to the effectiveness of drainage systems. Our team ensures perfect installation, paying meticulous attention to detail to ensure seamless integration with your landscape. Whether it's surface water runoff, subsurface drainage, or retaining wall drainage, our solutions are tailored to address specific challenges.

When you choose our drainage services, you know you are working with a company committed to preserving the integrity of your landscape. Our proficiency in assessing your needs and implementing tailored drainage strategies ensures that your outdoor areas remain functional, visually appealing, and free from potential water-related issues. Experience the difference our drainage expertise brings to your landscape's health and longevity.


We are a trusted name for excavation services that play a pivotal role in preparing outdoor living and landscaping projects. Clients choose us for our commitment to safety, efficiency, and timely project completion. Our skilled team employs industry-leading techniques to ensure thorough and precise excavation, setting a solid foundation for your envisioned outdoor space.

Before embarking on landscaping or outdoor living ventures, our excavation services lay the groundwork, ensuring your project starts correctly. We understand the importance of a well-executed excavation in shaping the success of subsequent phases.

With us, you're investing in a partner that prioritizes safety protocols, minimizes disruptions, and adheres to your project timeline. With our expertise, you can be confident in the foundation we lay for your outdoor aspirations, setting the stage for transforming your space into a functional and captivating haven. We are here to help with all your big and small excavation needs.


We offer superior masonry services that encompass a wide range of outdoor features. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our work, from utilizing top-tier products and materials to meticulous installation techniques. Whether crafting enchanting pathways, charming walls, or captivating fire pits, our masonry services epitomize quality and innovation.

Our dedicated team brings years of expertise, ensuring each project is executed perfectly. With an emphasis on aesthetics and durability, we create outdoor features that stand as enduring testaments to our craftsmanship.

When you choose our masonry services, you're choosing the promise of exceptional results, transforming your outdoor spaces into functional and visually stunning havens that seamlessly blend with the natural beauty of your surroundings. Our company handles masonry addition projects and new installations. We ensure the elements combine with existing features and enhance your property's value and appeal.

For more information about our Franklin Lakes, NJ, drainage, excavation, or masonry services, call Ken Steenstra Landscaping Inc. You can reach our team at 201-857-8700 or email us through this online form.