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Landscaping Services in Allendale, NJ

Landscaping Services, Allendale, NJ You've landed in the perfect place if you're searching for professional and budget-friendly low-voltage lighting, plantings, or fencing services in Allendale. As a pioneering entity in the region, Ken Steenstra Landscaping Inc. takes pride in presenting an extensive range of services meticulously tailored to fulfill your requirements.

Our prominence lies in being a frontrunner, delivering various solutions that cater to your needs. Whether you're considering enhancing your outdoor spaces with enchanting lighting, revitalizing your landscape with thoughtfully chosen plantings, or fortifying your property with secure fencing, we're here to provide unmatched expertise.

At Ken Steenstra Landscaping Inc., our commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction is unwavering. With a track record of excellence, we've established ourselves as a premier choice for discerning clients seeking transformative solutions.

Low Voltage Lighting

We are dedicated to enhancing outdoor living areas and landscapes, and our broad range of services will help elevate your spaces. One of our areas of expertise lies in low voltage lighting solutions, adding ambiance and functionality to your outdoor environment. Our focus on excellence resonates through each project we undertake.

Ensuring top-tier outcomes, we meticulously shape each lighting design to balance visual allure and practicality. Our detail-oriented team seamlessly integrates lighting systems into the natural beauty of your landscape, ensuring immaculate implementation. We provide you with the best services at affordable pricing.

Our holistic approach, characterized by exceptional craftsmanship and tailored attention, attests to our standing as prominent local leaders in the landscaping arena. We will provide high-grade lighting services that bring your outdoor spaces to life with newfound radiance and charm. Our company is focused on customization and works with you to ensure that every installation and lighting feature aligns with your space and needs.


Crafting a captivating landscape commences with astute plant selection. Our adept team considers diverse factors such as local climate, soil composition, and aesthetic preferences. This results in a curated selection of plants that flourish harmoniously and reflect your vision. A landscape's potential is unlocked through meticulous assessment.

To tailor our approach, we analyze sunlight exposure, soil drainage, and existing features. This ensures a landscape that exudes beauty and aligns with sustainable principles. Our team also enriches and aerates the soil, providing an optimal foundation for plant growth. We use a precise installation technique that fosters robust plant development from the outset.

By selecting low-maintenance plant varieties and employing strategic design, we curate landscapes that remain splendid with minimal upkeep, offering visual delight and convenience. With our planting services, your landscape will thrive while being attractive ad sustainable. Entrust us with your outdoor haven, and witness it transform into an enduring masterpiece requiring minimal intervention.


We are your trusted partner for all your residential or commercial fencing needs. Our comprehensive range of fencing solutions encompasses a variety of materials, ensuring we cater to your unique preferences and requirements. From classic wood and durable vinyl to modern composite, aluminum, and timeless iron, we offer an array of options that align with your aesthetic vision.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our fencing services. We source superior materials, ensuring durability and longevity for your investment. We have a proven and tested design and installation process, so your fencing serves its practical purpose while adding a touch of elegance to your property.

We are committed to high quality, thoughtful design, and impeccable installation. No matter how big or small the fencing job is, we are here to help. We can handle new fencing projects from start to finish and upgrade and replacement works at cost-effective pricing. For details about our low-voltage lighting, plantings, and fences in Allendale, please call Ken Steenstra Landscaping Inc. You can reach us at 201-857-8700 for comprehensive information or email us through this online form to share project details and inquiries.