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Leaf Clean Up

Leaf Clean Up, Midland Park, NJ There is more to leaf clean-up in your yard than just the aesthetics. Removal of dead leaves and grass and debris from your lawn can help it get more oxygen and improve its health. Decayed grass clippings and leaves can get entangled and suffocate the ground underneath. At Ken Steenstra Landscaping, we provide professional leaf clean-up services during fall or as and when required. We can help your lawn and plants be ready for the winter. As a full-service landscaping company, we can provide many other services to maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape and lawn.

Fall Leaf Cleanup Services

Fall in Northwest Bergen County offers so many things that you can do with your family. You can enjoy hayrides, go pumpkin picking, or relax with some warm apple cider. It is a great time to enjoy the yard instead of raking and cleaning it. Let our experienced professionals take care of your Fall leaf clean-up for you. Some of the key features of our fall cleanup services are as follows:

  • Leaf raking or blowing and cleaning up the garden, lawn, woodline buffer, and hardscape
  • During the fall we will clean up your leaves either weekly or bi-weekly as needed
  • We can move leaves to a compost pile or to the street if your town provides pick up
  • Leaves can also be removed from your property as arranged

We can also provide turf mowing services if required. Our services will help prepare your yard for winter.

What to Expect from Our Services?

We will blow leaves out from all the areas including the:

  • Gardens
  • Lawn
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Yard corners

We are committed to leaving your property only when it gets a neat, professional look. If required, we may also mow, trim, and edge your yard, which is offered as an additional service.

Our leaf clean-up services have been designed to remove unwanted leaves efficiently and quickly from your property. We are equipped with the tools required to remove fallen leaves to prevent you from spending hours raking or working with the leaf blower. We value all our clients, so you can expect to get affordable rates from us.

Need for Professional Fall Leaf Clean-Up

Most people look forward to the Fall season. There is certainly something about the changing colors associated with this season that makes this time of the year special. However, those beautiful leaves don’t look as great when they fall and fill up your lawn. Cleaning the lawn is more time-consuming and difficult than you think. Our professional leaf clean-up services allow you to sit back and enjoy the season. We can also offer year-round clean-up services depending on your lawn’s unique needs.

We at Ken Steenstra Landscaping are a full-service landscaping company, providing all the services required to design, build, install, and maintain your landscape. Our team includes ICPI-certified and pesticide-certified experts. Make your fall clean-up simpler and more effective this year with our professional leaf clean-up services. Give us a call at 201-857-8700 or send us a message from our Contact Us page. We will get back to you at the earliest.