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Ken Steenstra Landscaping Inc. is located in Midland Park, NJ, and we offer various landscaping services. Our carefully curated collection of photos provides a captivating glimpse into the breadth of our skills and the array of services we proudly offer. Within these images, you'll discover a testament to our dedication and proficiency in landscape design and implementation. As you explore our gallery, you will find a showcase of perfectly planned paved areas, each a testament to our meticulous attention to detail. The outdoor kitchens captured in these snapshots exemplify our ability to blend functionality with aesthetics, creating inviting and practical spaces. Our fireplace installations are also captivating focal points, harmoniously integrating with their surroundings. These images are not merely pictures but windows into our world of innovative landscaping solutions. They offer inspiration and assurance, allowing you to visualize the potential of your outdoor haven. At our company, we believe in translating ideas into realities, and our gallery exemplifies the transformative power of our expertise.