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Flower Planting

Flower Planting, Midland Park, NJ When creating a beautiful landscape or garden it is easy to know what you want to achieve. Planning, selecting the right flowers, and planting them is the difficult part. The landscaping professionals at Ken Steenstra Landscaping can transform your ideas, dreams, and expectations for your garden into a reality. We help you pick the best flowers, based on the season and colors, and design the perfect garden or plant bed.

Our flower planting services in Midland Park, NJ and surrounding cities in Northwest Bergen County help enhance the beauty of your property. This will add year-round beauty and colors to your landscape.

Seasonal Flowers

As part of our seasonal color planting service, you can expect the following from us:

  • Preparation of existing soil
  • Adding organic bedding soil
  • Planting new flowers

As a full-service landscaping company, we can take all the steps required to design and create the perfect bloom. Proper planning can help create a garden that stays colorful and beautiful for a good part of the year. Our vast industry experience allows us to set up the right planting schedule that can make your garden bloom longer. We are the experts in soil and bed preparation to deliver optimal results for seasonal plantings.

Flower Bed Services

Our flower bed services can include the following steps depending on the unique needs of your planting beds:

  • Soil addition and fertilization of annual and perennial beds
  • Annual plantings
  • Cutting back dead plants
  • Removing annuals
  • Perennial installation during the planting season

Perennial & Annual Flower Planting

Annuals are the type of bloom that survive only for a single season. They need to be planted annually. While some prefer starting from seeds, others prefer transplanting already set seedlings into the landscape. Besides the low maintenance advantage that they offer, annuals also allow you to change the looks and colors the next year.

Perennials have a longer lifespan and require more maintenance. Whichever flowering plants you like, our team can take care of it. We are proud of the services that we offer. From annual and perennial flower installation to maintenance, we can handle everything.

Flower Maintenance Services

Proper flower maintenance is an essential requirement if you want to maintain the colors in your landscape. Typically, flower maintenance begins 6 weeks after planting. The following treatments can be applied as per the need:

  • Organic fertilizers
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides

Plant displays are maintained neat and trimmed. Flowers will be deadheaded according to requirements and standard practice. The bark will be freshened up based on requirements.

We at Ken Steenstra Landscaping are your one-stop landscaping services provider in Midland Park, NJ, and the surrounding areas. We also have pesticide-certified professionals in our crew who can handle the fertilizer programs. If you want to know more about our flower planting services or landscaping services, give us a call at 201-857-8700. Contact us to plant your annuals and/or perennials to enhance the beauty of your property. We can also be reached via this online form. Our experts will get back to you once we receive your message.