Paver Installation

Paver features are excellent additions to any type of property, whether residential or commercial. They can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property or create new functional spaces. Many property owners choose pavers because of their durability, appeal, and low-maintenance requirement. There are also different types of pavers that they can choose from! Read more about Paver Installations »

Lawn Care

A healthy, lush lawn is not only attractive but also offers other wonderful benefits to the property owner. However, maintaining a lawn is not a simple task. You must exert effort, time, and money for its continuous upkeep. A comprehensive lawn care program is also recommended to achieve a verdant lawn all year round. You may perform all the maintenance tasks or hire professionals with extensive experience in this field! Read more about Lawn Care »

Landscape Design

A beautifully designed landscape can help improve the appeal and value of a property. An excellently designed landscape typically includes features like hardscapes, softscapes, and other features, such as pathways, walls, water features, paved outdoor areas, and fire amenities. So if you are a property owner, make sure to get an experienced landscape design firm to help you create a space that is visually pleasing and functional! Read more about Landscape Design »

Landscape Company

A landscaping project will be successful if it is handled by knowledgeable and highly skilled people. This kind of project should not be done in a DIY manner since it usually results in subpar installations and ordinary-looking landscape setup. Your best option is to hire a reliable landscape company that can work on all your landscaping needs. A licensed company has the capabilities and required resources, so you are assured that the project will be handled properly! Read more about Landscape Company »


The landscaping element of any property really does play a large role in the overall impressions it creates. If your landscaping is untidy and dull then it can effect your curb appeal greatly. Whereas, if you look at a home that has beautiful landscapes it can even make a simple house look amazing. Get the services of a professional landscaper like us here at Ken Steenstra Landscaping and we will transform your property into the envy of the entire neighborhood! Read more about Landscaping »

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